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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
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Post your script to show the encoding. You should encode Russian and English text in exactly the same way. If it works for Russian, then it works for English.

If it only disaplays the first character, then there is probable a NULL character somewhere, which indicates double-byte encoding, while your scripts treats it as single-byte encoding. Just a hunch.

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On 30 okt 2012, at 16:51, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> Thanks for the quick reply, Mark.
> I've tried treating all text as unicode, but the characters from the English keyboard still don't work right. But maybe my problem is in the conversion. So I'm retrieving the unicodeText property of the native text field. Then I'm using the unicodeText property of a LiveCode field to display the entered text. And in that field, I either have garbled text, or it just gets chopped off, only displaying maybe the first character. There is something goofy, but I think it's probably just my lack of knowledge of how this should work.
> Chris

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