[OT] Database Engine Comparison

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Mon Oct 29 14:12:02 EDT 2012

Over on the SQLite mailing list, I came across this comment by Dr Richard
Hipp, one of the authors of sqlite.

"MySQL is a good choice.  But here is another data point to consider:  When
we were writing the SqlLogicTest test suite for SQLite, we ran the test
vectors on a wide variety of server-class database engines in addition to
SQLite.  And in every case (including SQLite) we found cases that would
crash the server.  Every case, that is, except one.  We were never able to
crash PostgreSQL, nor find a case where PostgreSQL gave the wrong answer.

Furthermore, whenever there is a question about what the behavior of some
obscure SQL construct ought to be and whether or not SQLite is doing it
right, usually the first thing we check is how PostgreSQL responds to the
same query.  When in doubt, we try to get SQLite to do the same thing as

Wondering if any mySQL/PostgreSQL users have any thoughts on that.
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