Images in Data Grids

Ronald Zellner zellner at
Sun Oct 28 21:41:07 EDT 2012

I want to put  interactive images in a Data Grid column.  
While there are many resources online I can't seem to find basic information regarding the embedding of images.

I am using the downloaded file  from RunRev:  LiveCode_Data_Grid.pdf
This is very helpful, however the example stack link does not work so the file cannot be obtained.

Basically, I want the user to be able to control and respond by clicking on the image in the first column of each row and take notes related to it in the second column. 
I'm considering a Data Grid since I want to have a scrolling array of images and I want to peridocially sort the lines according to user input. 
Does this seem to be the way to go?

Does anyone have suggestions  or examples for doing this or pointing me to existing information or resources?


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