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On 10/26/12 9:59 PM, Mark Smith wrote:
> I have a similar aiff
> file called shortbeep which I use for "error" keys and inputs, and it works
> fine. I was sent 3 different versions of tock.aiff and I can't get any of
> them to work. All are 9k aiff files, they all make the tock sound when
> played in iTunes, but when I replace shortbeep.aiff with tock.aiff in the LC
> app, I don't get any sound at all. Any ideas? (I'm using the same code for
> both sounds, but only shortbeep makes a sound).

I don't know if this would apply to your situation, but something 
identical happened to me on an Android device. It took me three days to 
track it down. Apparently the duration of the sound file was too short. 
I had to add silence to the end to make it last longer than a second or 
so. After that it would play.

The thing is, even the original very short files played in the IDE so 
that may not be what's wrong here. But you could try editing the files 
in a sound editor if nothing else works.

> PS is there anyway to adjust the volume of a sound through script control?

See "playLoudness" in the dictionary. Why it doesn't have the word 
"sound" or "volume" in its name is a secret only the MetaCard creator 
knew. I can never remember it.

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