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Sun Oct 21 20:11:43 EDT 2012

On 10/21/12 5:19 PM, Terence Blyth wrote:
> Are RR still working on the android version ?

Yes, quite actively. A good number of features are in the upcoming 
release. The goal is for the iOS and Android engines to reach parity and 
they're working toward that fairly quickly.

> Do they have a road map we can view to see when these features will
> be available.

I'm not aware of any software company that publishes their future plans 
to the general public; that's usually considered pretty secret. But it 
isn't really true that you need to be on the developer list to get the 
info; roadmaps are provided during the NDA sessions at the conferences, 
which are open to any attendee who is willing to sign the non-disclosure 
release. The developer list does get to see pre-release versions though, 
which allows early access to new features as well as more direct input 
to the RR team.

> Any documentation on how to create my own DLL to add these features ?

You may want to wait a short while to see what will be available next. 
It may already be there.

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