Mark Smith Mark_Smith at
Sun Oct 21 01:47:03 EDT 2012

Does anyone have a sound file that sounds like the keyboard on the
iPad/iPhone. I've had to enhance the keyboard on the iPad with an extra row
of keys to handle cdn postal codes (which have the format LNL NLN where L =
letter, and N = number... requiring 5 keyboard shifts per postal code) so I
took a picture of the numeric keypad and put the number keys above the alpha
keyboard with some invisible buttons and it works great but there is no
"tock" sound when you press on the "expanded" keys.

I've read this might be called tock.aiff and could be in the SDK that apple
distributes but a spotlight search on my system turns up nothing... and I'm
not even sure I have a /developer root (unless it is another of those
invisible folders). Some other msg boards suggest looking in:

for tock.aiff

Any help appreciated.


-- mark

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