Explicit Variables again

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at me.com
Thu Oct 18 13:28:57 EDT 2012


It is possible to toggle it via the Edit menu when you have a script window open. Still a hassle, but doesn't take nearly as long as opening the prefs and doing it that way.


Chris Sheffield
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On Oct 18, 2012, at 11:20 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at lcsql.com> wrote:

> Still working on converting my stacks to use explicit variables and am
> realising the significance of the fact that the explicit variables setting
> is global to the ID not local to a stack.  Until I get all my stacks
> converted, I'd like to pick and choose which ones use explicit variables
> and which don't, and remembering to switch that option on and off via the
> Preferences dialog is a pain.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows where the LC Preference settings are stored?
> What I have in mind is to have a custom property of each of my stacks that
> defines whether explicit variables should be on or off and in preOpenCard
> or similar, I'll set the Livecode Preference accordingly, then set it back
> to it's initial value on closeStack.
> Pete
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