Linux interference

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Oct 17 03:37:49 EDT 2012

Recently, doing a spot of Beta-testing for someone, I ran across 
something odd
with Linux, which I have subsequently confirmed myself.

'Evolution' Personal Information Client and Livecode standalones don't 
really like one another.

Personally I think Evolution stinks, and had only installed the thing
to test something out for somebody else. However it does seem to be 
installed as default with most GNOME-interface based Linux distros.

When a Livecode standalone is running (confirmed for LC 4.5 - 5.5) if 
one tries to launch Evolution
the computer freezes and/or crashes.

If one uses a dock such as Avant Window Navigator the standalone comes 
up as an instance of
Evolution rather than itself.


I could sit down and write out a whole 'thing' about this, complete with 
pretty pictures and
so forth for RunRev, but am reluctant to before other Linux users have 
"had a go".


 From a purely selfish point of view, this worries me as I am working 
towards a Linux release of my 'Devawriter Pro' (which, despite RunRev's 
"cross-platform" stuff, does need a bit of twiddling of the
Windows/Mac codebase), and do not want to find curses raining down on my 
head because
people are getting mucked about if they want to check their e-mail 
and/or write to Granny while my standalone is running.


I know this is a slight "pain in the bum", but I would be grateful if 
willing Linux users could install Evolution if it is not installed by 
default, and run off a simple, blank card standalone, run the standalone
and while it is running try to start Evolution.

This should not 'hose' your system, just require a hard reboot.


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