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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Oct 16 09:08:34 EDT 2012

Dear Tiemo,

Did you attach the external to the stack that is actually used to build a standalone? Is it possible that one mainstack is loading the external while another mainstack is calling it? Perhaps you can solve this by making one stack a substack of the other or by using a separate stack that loads all externals and "start using" that stack.

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On 16 okt 2012, at 12:35, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Hi,
> I have problems with the revxml external in an old LC 4.6.2 program on W7.
> Everything worked with my xml functions for a long time without problems.
> Since I worked on an update and made several other changes the revxml seems
> not to work anymore in a standalone. In IDE everything still works fine.
> I checked the standalone options, selected the XML library manually and also
> by search for the required inclusions. The revxml external seems to be
> loaded correct, it shows up in the externalpackages in stack "home" in the
> IDE and in stack "revExternalLibrary" in my standalone. But calling xml
> functions, like "revcreateXMLTree()" or "revcreateXMLTreeFromFile()" I just
> get an "error in function handler" as the result.
> Copying the same piece of code into a fresh new stack and testing the
> standalone in the same folder (with the revxml.dll in the externals
> subfolder), everything works correct. So there must be any kind of conflict
> in my old stack. But I have no idea, where to look for or how to go on
> testing and debugging. Have you ever encountered such behavior with
> externals? Could there be a conflict with other externals?
> Any ideas where and what to look for highly appreciated.
> Tiemo

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