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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Oct 15 14:01:24 EDT 2012

René Micout wrote:

> I have a stack with several groups, in one group I have a button named "btnStepper". There is 126 controls.
> My "btnStepper" have layer 124. When I type in the Message box :
> set the layer of btn "btnStepper" to 123
> I have this message error :
> "Script compile error:
> Error description: request: error in message expression"
> I don't understand... Have somebody an explanation ?

This is just a hunch, and I don't know why this would cause a compile 
error rather than an execution error, but if those objects are within 
groups you may need (with great caution) to set the 
relayerGroupedControls property to true before performing the relayering 
of its members.

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