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Hi Pete,

Am 15.10.2012 um 19:03 schrieb Peter Haworth <pete at>:

> I wondered about the lack of formats!
> Just ran into another issue with this, although videoclips this time.  I
> imported a .avi videoclip into a stack.  When I try to play it, I get the
> spinning beachball forever and have to force quit the IDE.  This is OS X
> 10.7.4, LC 5.5.0.

Yep, AVI is one of the "newer" file formats not comaptible with the "play" command :-)
What works are FLC*** videos (I already forgot what that is a loooong time ago) and
the MPG video format.

***This has definitively NOTHING to do with Flash!

Check this:

My good advice, forget PLAY except for playing a short sound clip (like a mouse click sound)
in AU or UNCOMPRESSED AIF or WAV format, but only ONE at a time ;-)

> Pete
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