Unpopularity of global variables - why?

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So you see there is nothing wrong with them, just be careful. They are both powerful and dangerous, like a firearm, but similarly, very useful in the appropriate situation.

I have an ancient personal distaste that derives from the fact that in HC, they persist in the variable watcher and cause clutter. But in LC, this can be addressed.

Craig Newman

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*Holy words Bob !!!*

This would be the most sensible thing ...
... the "global" declared for one MainStack should be valid only in his 
context and not for any mainStack opened !

But unfortunately is not like that so ... use with caution ! ;-)


On 12.10.2012 23:25, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I don't think that globals are a bad thing, but I do think they should 
> only apply to the stack they are defined in, or else have another 
> class of globals called stack or application globals (or how about 
> both!). That would solve the vast majority of cross globalization. 
> (Hey I think I coined a new term!

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