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Fixed by upgrading to latest XCode

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On 2012-10-12, at 1:55 PM, Dave McKee <sarawakdave at> wrote:

> running mac osx lion 10.8.2
> using LC v5.5.3 RC2
> have selected target as being; iPhone simulator 5.1
> have app that was working ok in simulator but as of moving from 5.5.2 to 5.5.3 rc2, have run into a strange bug (?).
> test build the app, app opens in iOS simulator, when I quit app and then hold down icon, to delete it, jiggle icon appears with (X) but if I;
>  1. hit home, then ok
>  2. hit (X), then app is not deleted and hitting home button is unresponsive
>          a. quit IOS simulator
>          b. restart iOS simulator, the test app is still there
> Also;
>  I see exactly the same symptoms 1 to 2b if I launch Xcode and then iOS Simulator
> what form of Apple hell have I fallen into ?
> is there anyone who knows how to clear out the test app in the iOS Simulator now that it has a death grip on it ?
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