iOS simulator won't work

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Thu Oct 11 08:30:49 EDT 2012

Thanks a million to Colin (again) and Guglielmo!

I knew I was overlooking something simple, and sure enough the simulator now works thanks to replacing Xcode 4.5 with xCode 4.4.1

So it works, but it is of slightly limited use to me (unless I am overlooking something obvious again.)

I guess that only native controls are resized for the different resolutions, and since I make all of my own buttons, icons, graphics, nothing gets resized.

I am making this for retina display, so in the regular simulator only the upper left portion of the app can be seen, and the retina simulator seems unable to be taller than the screen height, so I can't move it up to see the bottom part of the app.

I guess the real testing will only start when I prepare it for use on my iPad.

Apologies in advance if I don't that that to work without calling for help again ;-)



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