AW: Quicktime problems on windows

Alex Shaw alex at
Wed Oct 10 23:21:57 EDT 2012


Don't think it's practical for Runrev to waste resources developing 
their own codec & tools.

Unfortunately I don't think there are many public video codec options 
that aren't encumbered by licensing issues, the main exceptions being 
WebM ( or Theora 

Another option would be for Runrev to license something like the Blink 
video codec (

Also, LC needs to improve is it's audio support. I would be good to see 
LC natively support Ogg Opus (

*cough* Enhancement Bug 10460 *cough* :)

Would love the ability to simply pan sound!

To be honest, multimedia support has not really improved since the 
Metacard days :(


On 11/10/12 3:15 AM, Richmond wrote:
> Of course, at that point Runtime Revolution might eventually wake up to
> the lack of wisdom
> of crawling into bed with proprietary software (Quicktime) over which
> they have no control,
> and start considering some sort of internal media player (that's truly
> cross-platform) that is
> part of Livecode itself.

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