Creating iPhone App on windows?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 10 08:52:06 EDT 2012

Tiemo Hollmann wrote:
> reading the compatibility issues of LC, XCode and iOS I am asking myself, if
> you can create iPhone apps on windows at all? Without xCode? I haven't read
> about this yet. And which development platform is required for android apps?

You can now deploy to Android from Mac, Windows, and with LiveCode 
v5.5.2 even Linux.

For iOS, Apple is aware that 87% of the world uses Windows but provides 
no tools for that platform.  Since their EULA prohibits using OS X on 
anything other than "Apple branded hardware", it would seem Apple 
prefers that most of the world devote their time to developing 
exclusively for Android.  ;)

I suspect this will eventually change, but in the meantime the only 
legal way to deploy to iOS is to buy another computer from Apple.

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