Multiple Stack Instances

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Oct 9 11:44:40 EDT 2012

Andrew Kluthe wrote:
 > I have come across a scenario when I need to be able to have multiple
 > copies of the same stack with different form data in the field. So
 > that the user can have multiple instances of this form available to
 > switch between. Typically, I just allow them to edit 1 record at a
 > time and launch that form as a modal or a single palette that fills
 > and saves the form as it is edited or another one is selected, but
 > that isn't going to work here.
 > This seems like rookie stuff, but I am not sure how to go about it.
 > What kind of process do some of you use to handle this?

If I understand this correctly, this is similar to document-centric 
apps, in which we'll want any number of documents windows to be open, 
each having the same layout as the others.

For that sort of thing I use the clone command on a substack of my app 
that I use as a sort of template:

   clone stack "MyDocumentTMPL"

This will give me a stack named "Copy of MyDocumentTMPL", which I can 
then rename to anything else, and even set its filename property if I 
need to save it to disk.

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