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Apple provides developers with preview releases of Mac OS X and XCode. That's sufficient to make sure that RAD tools like LiveCode are up-to-date the day that the next OSX or XCode is released.

Anyway, the point is not to discuss with you whether something is possible or not. The point is that I am worried and I'd like RunRev (not you) to take my worries away, if they want me to upgrade more frequently.

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On 9 okt 2012, at 16:38, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Mark Schonewille wrote:
> > This worries me. I have a feeling that LiveCode never works with
> > state-of-the-art technology but that I'm always be using tools
> > that are obsolete already. When 5.6 or 6.0 appears, we'll have a
> > new version of XCode already as well as a new version of Android
> > and again we'll be using old technology. It is one of the reasons
> > why I'm very reluctant buying upgrades.
> I think this is just inherent in the nature of RAD tools like LiveCode, or any sufficiently complex system dependent on another.  We've seen this with all OSes since the engine was first born in '92:  the RunRev team works with betas of any new OS, the OS gets released, RunRev is then able to finish their updates, and we get the update for the new OS after the OS release.
> The alternative is to code in Objective C.
> Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  Choose your poison. ;)
> If you're Roxio, it makes sense to code in C.  If you're like most LiveCoders, you're making so much more money with your desktop apps that you can afford to wait to update your mobile apps.

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