Calling a pdf display through LiveCode, on a PC.

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Oct 8 12:56:11 EDT 2012

Just curious, on a Mac running OS X can't you simply tell the Finder to open the file and have whatever app is the default app open it? Or do you need the annotation features that Skim gives you which something like Preview does not? 

I believe LC has a command called launch, that will open a document with the application you specify. So you probably do not need Applescript for this at all. 


On Oct 6, 2012, at 1:00 PM, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> I have a stack which displays a pdf file, by calling "Skim"
> through AppleScript. Skim has all the required AppleScript
> interfaces - a really great app. !!
> Unfortunately, it is limited to Mac OS X.
> I am looking for a PC app. which I can call with LiveCode.
> Adobe Reader doesn't do what I want. Of course, it has to
> be free !
> Can anybody point me in the rignt direction ?
> Best Regards
> -Francis 
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