libURLSetStatusCallback Runtime error

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Oct 7 22:20:15 EDT 2012

Hi Richard,
This in the IDE. In fact, I start the IDE then load the stack that has the
problem so there is loads of time for the library to be loaded before my
stack is opened.
On Oct 7, 2012 9:26 AM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:

> Peter Haworth wrote:
>> I only discovered this problem when I started using LC 5.5.2.  Versions of
>> LC prior to that did not report the "can't find handler" message.  So not
>> only was the handler not available to me but there was no indication that
>> was the case; the code just failed silently.  I am running into more and
>> more instances of that - it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in what the
>> engine is doing.
> My hunch is that the engine is fine, but the problem lies with how LC's
> libraries are added to a standalone.
> But before we go down that road, forgive me if this was already mentioned
> but is this happening in the IDE, a standalone, or both?
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