LC and mobile development what-not

Mark Stuart mfstuart at
Sun Oct 7 21:54:24 EDT 2012

Hi all,
I'm just starting to try my hand at mobile development, using LC 4.6.4.
(I won't upgrade LC until I see how mobile development goes)

I've read the Android Release Notes for this version of LC and didn't see
anything about what font name and size to use for a mobile application,
starting with Android since I'm on Windows.

Font - I used Tahoma and size 14. It's way too small for my HTC Incredible
phone. What is recommended here? (24 seems OK).

Button size - what size should a button be? Quite large I now know since the
default size I could hardly see on my device. I tried 50 px. It seems OK.

Table fields - what are the defaults for mobile? What about the scroll bar
width? What about gesturing on the table control itself to scroll down and
up? How is that done? Do I set vertical scroll bars at all?

These are just a few of the things I've tried so far.

There must be a document that outlines the mobile platform layout defaults.
Even better would be the IDE reading the Application Settings and knowing
there is a mobile platform selected and set the properties palette

Or is this all trial error for each developer? :(

Mark Stuart

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