libURLSetStatusCallback Runtime error

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Oct 7 12:26:30 EDT 2012

Peter Haworth wrote:
> I only discovered this problem when I started using LC 5.5.2.  Versions of
> LC prior to that did not report the "can't find handler" message.  So not
> only was the handler not available to me but there was no indication that
> was the case; the code just failed silently.  I am running into more and
> more instances of that - it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in what the
> engine is doing.

My hunch is that the engine is fine, but the problem lies with how LC's 
libraries are added to a standalone.

But before we go down that road, forgive me if this was already 
mentioned but is this happening in the IDE, a standalone, or both?

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