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There is no splash screen for the licensed Android build. There have been 2
techniques that have been offered on this list.

1) Dual Stack==>Have a start up stack that shows a Splash card. Then start
up the "real" stack with all initializing stuff that would have delayed the
first card from being shown.

2) Single Stack==>Have a splash card with no code. This will display
instantly. In the opencard handler of the splash card open the card with all
the initializing stuff in its preopencard handler. The second card will not
display until the preopencard handler is finished. I take this a step
further because my second card is a login page. If the user is already
authorized I open a third card. The user only sees the first(Splash) and
third card although 3 cards have been "opened". If the user is not
authorized I just exit the preopencard handler in the second card and the
login prompts are displayed.

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Hi there,

I'm missing something : i can't get my Android build to load the splash
screen image i selected in the standalone application setting screen !?
Works fine on the iOS side but nada on the Android side ;-(

Any help will be greatly welcome ;D



Pierre Sahores
mobile : 06 03 95 77 70

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