SUggestion for improved LiveCode scripting notation

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Fri Oct 5 12:19:57 EDT 2012

Reading someone's LiveCode scripting has been improved by adding the prefix "t"  (for temporary) to the notation for a local variable and "g" for a global variable.  With the increase in the number of scripting words, it also has helped to use the prefixes "mobile", "iphone",  "android", and "mob" (for mobGUI) to indicate that these are special words that apply to mobile devices.
Despite the fact that I have used LiveCode (Revolution) for a number of years, there are times when I am confused in looking at someone's script as to whether an unfamiliar message word is a real LiveCode word or made up by the person writing the script.   It seems to me that it would be useful to add a prefix to such made up message words, such as "X" (for Extra), more specifically, an "XC" to indicate that the handler for the word is on the card, and "XS" to indicate that the handler is in the stack.  In that way, it would be much clearer where to look for the meaning or the word, whether in the LiveCode dictionary, the card, or the stack. I wonder what other people on the forum think about using these prefixes.

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