relation between textsize and field height?

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Hi Tiemo,

There was a discussion about it on the forum.
Look here:

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On 5 okt 2012, at 14:01, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to let the user change the textsize of single line fields. Now I am
> looking for a formula for calculating the ideal field height, so that the
> text sits centered in the height of the field. The perfect height of the
> field is neither (at least not for all options) the formatted height, nor
> the textsize + 2 x margins or something like this. E.G
> Textsize=12, margins=8 the formattedheight is 30 and the ideal field height
> is 21
> Textsize=24, margins=8 the formattedheight is 46 and the ideal field height
> is 46
> Does anybody has a formula or an idea to get the ideal height for single
> line fields? Perhaps I just don't see the obvious parameter.
> Thank you
> Tiemo

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