iOS simulator won't work

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Thu Oct 4 14:41:47 EDT 2012

I am finally testing the waters of apps for the iPad, but my first problem is this:

I cannot get my stacks to open in the xCode simulator. All I ever see is a white, generic icon with my stack's name under it. When I click on it, it slides up and to the left out of sight, there is a pause and it slides back into place. No sign of my stack, mo mater how often I try.

I use Collin's book, which I bought from Amazon and absolutely love. But I am missing something here. In a nutshell, the steps provided in the book are:

1. create and save a main stack
2. set the size (his example is 1024 X 768, uncheck Resizable
3. put something on the card (example field with "hello World" text
4. open standalone settings, select iOS
5. Set orientation to Landscape
6. Close standalone settings dialog box
7. from the development > test target menu choose iPad simulator
8. development > test
9. your test stack is running in the simulator

I did everything several times, with variations, but 9 never happens. All I have ever seen is what I described above.

Whart am I missing? The book has been spot on for every little detail so far, so I wonder why this isn't working?

I am using Mountain Lion (10.8.2), LiveCode 5.5.2 and xCode 4.5 and in liveCode preferences > MObile Support > the location of developer root for iOS 5 and above is /Applications/

Tips or suggestions?



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