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Wed Oct 3 12:11:38 EDT 2012

I respectfully disagree. They would have to make a mobile device as connectable as a laptop, which in my mind would probably end up looking a lot like a laptop, at which point people would be clamoring for more screen real estate. The screen real estate is something you just cannot get around. You can micro miniaturize the device, but the screen can only get so small and then people will not use it for serious computing tasks. 

What has really happened in the marketplace is that someone finally came out with a mobile device that most consumers found adequate for what they do with such a device. In the past, all users had at their disposal was a laptop that was far more powerful than they needed, but it was all that was available. Now users can get something more to fit their needs and budget. 


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> Interesting set of graphs. Looks like RR was wise to focus on mobile:
> <>
> I suppose in ten years we'll look at our desktop machines with the same nostalgia as we do now with typewriters. At least, those of us who remember typewriters, which of course I've only read about...

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