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On 10/2/12 11:10 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> (someone clue me in on what a "feature phone" is)

They're a business magazine, they don't know the jargon, and 
"not-dumb-phone" is longer to spell.

> ...and folks who haven't yet bought into all the hype are the
> "under-penetrated segments in U.S."?

Actually, I got the impression they're looking at marketing 
opportunities because TV and newspapers are tanking. Mobile is the new 
money space. Google is winning.

> Interesting last slide showing a decline in developer interest in ALL
> mobile platforms over the last two years.

More for me! Er, us.

> Interesting also in that there's no mention of the influence of
> litigation on growth and stagnation.

Litigation doesn't provide ad space. This article is about selling to 
the masses. Although I did just read recently that Facebook users don't 
click on ads much, so that's one-seventh of the online population down 
the tubes.

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