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Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 5:49:03 PM, you wrote:

> I've been around the block, you know.

LOL. You and me both, buddy.

> Does the existence of a pending message block a new call to that
> very handler from another source? The stop works if the code runs as
> shown. It fails if the repeat construct is commented out. That is
> what I am trying to understand.

In spite of the documentation, I remain unconvinced that exit to top
really cancels pending messages. What I see happening in the absence
of a "wait with messages" statement is that the exit to top does exit,
but leaves a call to showRandoms still pending. Then the pending call
executes and off you go again.

To demonstrate this, change the card script to

on showRandoms tSecs
    put random(99) after msg
    if tSecs = 0 then
        put " exiting to top" & cr after msg
        exit to top
    end if
    put " still working" & cr after msg
    if tSecs > the seconds then send "showRandoms" && tSecs to me in 500 millisecs
end showRandoms

and you'll see the "still working" message appear even after the
"exiting to top" message.

-Mark Wieder
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