iOS Unknown Deployment Platform error

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Mon Oct 1 15:57:08 EDT 2012


A couple things to check.

First, make sure you've pointed LiveCode to your Xcode app bundle. I'm assuming you've already done this. Otherwise, the Test option wouldn't even be available to you. But I just wanted to make sure.

Second, make sure you've selected the appropriate simulator version from the Development -> Test Target menu in LC. I find that sometimes I have to reset this after upgrading LiveCode and/or Xcode. If for some reason you don't have the simulators you want, launch Xcode, open Prefs -> Downloads, and download the additional simulators. With Xcode 4.5 you can go back to iOS simulator 5.0.

Hope that helps you.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

On Oct 1, 2012, at 1:32 PM, Rick Harrison <harrison at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> When Apple decided to force upgrade everything to version 4.5 of Xcode
> is when everything went a bad way for me.  Before that I was able to
> run the iOS Simulato,r and connect to my iPad 2 just fine with LiveCode.
> I was happily running Lion and then one day Apple forced me to do some 
> stupid upgrade or things just wouldn't work.  So I tried the upgrade.
> Things still didn't work.  People started saying, oh yea, you need to work with
> version 4.5 of the SDK now.  Of course you'll need Mountain Lion to run that.
> It just so happened that my MacBook was one Generation too old to run
> Mountain Lion, so then I was forced to purchase a brand new machine just
> so I could get back to coding again.
> I purchased the new computer, upgraded it to Mountain Lion since it came
> with Lion installed.  I installed Xcode 4.5, upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 6.0,
> and upgraded to LiveCode 5.5.3rc1.  Now when I try to run the Simulator
> it tells me "Unknown Deployment Platform" and still doesn't work!
> Anyone else having this problem?  I'm dead in the water without any
> direction at this point.  Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Rick
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