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Mon Oct 1 15:28:08 EDT 2012

Hi Tim,
There was a similar discussion a few months back regarding the spell
checking ability built into an OS, specifically OSX.  The outcome of that
was simply that LC doesn't provide a way to hook into it so I think the
answer to your question would be the same.

There is a third party spell checker application available on the RunRev
store but I don;t remember seeing anything for the feature you mentioned.

lcSQL Software <>

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 10:34 AM, Timothy Miller <
gandalf at> wrote:

> I'm not writing to complain about an absent feature. Mostly just curious,
> and maybe I'll learn something useful.
> In recent years, I've come to take it for granted that I can hilite a word
> and command-click on it to get a pop-up dialog box with items like "cut"
> "copy" "look up in dictionary" and so on. The specific items depend on the
> application, but the dialog box usually looks the same.
> A few minutes ago, I tried this in a text field an a LC stack and thought,
> "Hey, why doesn't that work!?" Then I remembered that LC doesn't do that,
> as far as I know. Yet I have the impression that this is an OS function
> that any application could invoke.
> So, my question: Is this an OS function? If so, why doesn't LC take
> advantage of it?
> I suppose it could be scripted. Is there an LC add-on that conveniently
> adds this functionality? Or maybe there's a simple LC command I don't know
> about?
> Cheers,
> Tim
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