Hypercard: the missing link to the web

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at gmail.com
Thu May 31 14:45:59 EDT 2012

I'm not sure they would use Livecode anyway.  They want to moan about
"the good old days", but when presented with language xyz which is
free, and which has hundreds of free libraries, etc. they will find
something to bitch about when it comes to Livecode.  "What?  I have to
pay for it!  But, I get my travel, gas, electricity, food, etc. for
free; why should I pay?"  Or else they will complain about there not
being source code control, or something else.

I think that those who will come to Livecode have either never used
Hypercard before and want a visual development environment without an
arcane language, or they will be people who appreciate dynamic
languages and late binding who somehow don't want to use
javascript/browsers as their presentation layer.  Or possibly there
are those who just find all the other options for mobile development
too unamenable (5 years ago I would never have guessed that Objective
C would have come back from the dead).

That's my 2c.


On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at twft.com> wrote:
> You know, advertising for Livecode should really focus on informing the old Hypercard community that Hyper Programming is not gone forever, that it lives on in Livecode. There seems to be a LOT of people mourning "the good ol' days" of Hypercard, who are completely oblivious of Livecode. Posting to a blog is ok, but who out of all the initial readers is actually following that post? Probably not a lot. And who reads through all the replies before posting themselves? Far less still. I'd say almost no one.
> I put in a good word there, but RR really needs to put a little more effort in running ads targeted at old HC, SC and MC devs.
> Bob

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