Upgrade to Lion

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Thu May 31 08:19:35 EDT 2012

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

After spending half a day on reading all the "Upgrade to Lion"
posts (Oufff !), I have a few comments :

1 - I bought a Macbook Pro portable with Lion, and was driven mad
by the problem of scrolling, and the strange trackpad. It took me about
a week to solve the problem. I plugged in a (USB cable) standard
mouse  …… and everything went back to normal !!

Then I spent several days updating my 2 iMacs from OS 10.5, through
Snow Leopard that I had to buy, before trashing it on day 2, and
moving on to "Lion". Now my three Macs are all aligned, And they all
"Start Up" and "Shut Down" in record time (now that IS a big advantage !)
Are there any other advantages ?

I'm not against progress, but I don't like being coerced. Today, I don't
use this "Awesome - Fantastic - Futuristic" trackpad at all, and of
course cannot benefit from the pretty functions that it offers. After
25 years of standard Mac practice, I tend to resist change.
I spent 60  euros on a Magic Mouse, before throwing it into a
"Mac - Odds and Sods"  box. I wonder what Doug Englebart
would think of all this   :>)

Still getting used to the Duplicate and Version functions ……………… !
I imagine that the window size redisplay function is a result of
suppressing the .DS_Store invisible files, but WHY will windows
not display as they were preciously set ? ….  The world wonders !
(Nimitz/Halsey - Leyte Gulf - 1944)

2 - Jacqueline wrote :

"I wasn't willing to give up my manual transmission"

I've been driving (in Europe) for more than 50 years. You don't mean
…. No, it can't be ….there is another sort of transmission … that isn't
manual ???

And I, like others, really believe that we will all be on a standard IOS
system before Christmas …. (I wonder what Mountain Lion is like !!)

The bog mindles !


"Progress is a long series of monumental ***k-ups".

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