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Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Tue May 29 20:40:24 EDT 2012

Hi Igor,
I agree with you on this one.  TM has saved me on more than one occasion.
 Maybe I've just got used to using it and don't notice whatever the
problems are that others have referred to.
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On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Igor de Oliveira Couto <
igor at superstudent.net> wrote:

> I've noticed some people complaining about Time Machine in this thread.
> On 30/05/2012, at 6:01 AM, François Chaplais wrote:
> [...]
> > about time machine: yes, it can be a plague.
> [...]
> I have to say, Time Machine has saved my skin twice already. First time, a
> visiting cousin accidentally dropped a full cup of tea on my MacBook. This
> was during breakfast on a Saturday morning. I had to present something to
> the client on Monday morning, and was planning on working the whole weekend
> to do it. While my cousin was still half in tears apologising, I jumped in
> the car, went to the nearest Apple Store and bought a new MacBook. Got
> home, and because of Time Machine, had all my work back by lunch.
> The second time I was caught at work. It was in the middle of the
> afternoon, I was halfway through developing a messy, complicated database
> with a couple of colleagues, and all the design and sql files were in my
> computer. The stupid thing just died. Kaput, the hard drive was gone, just
> like that - as they usually do - with no warnings or explanations. Again,
> Time Machine came to the rescue, and I was back up and running in a couple
> of hours.
> Before the days of Time Machine, we used to have Retrospect in our office,
> backing up to external drives. Let me assure you: recovering your lost work
> was *never* this easy.
> So, in my case, I am quite thankful for Time Machine.
> --
> Igor Couto
> Sydney, Australia
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