callbacks on Android?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Wed May 23 00:27:20 EDT 2012

Hello All,

I'm about to port to Android a Windows standalone that relies on the
callbacks of an invisible player object (mp3) for sending/handling

At first, I tried duplicating the player object method. But, unlike on
the standalone, on the Android stack the same invisible player object
won't work unless it is both visible and within the card rect.

So, building on recent list advice, I'm thinking of experimenting for
my very first time with "channels" and "mobileControlCreate". But
looking just now thru the documentation, I find no explanation for an
Android way of working with callbacks.

Unless it is as simple as:

  mobileControlSet "myPlayer", "callbacks", myCallbacksList

Guess I'm hoping to cut back on experimentation time by first asking
here either for confirmation of that simple step or, failing that, an
alternate Android solution for callbacks.

Thank you.
Nicolas Cueto

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