QuickTime download question

Colin Holgate coiin at verizon.net
Tue May 22 23:12:39 EDT 2012

It seems wrong somehow that browsers can play mp4 files from any point, but the LiveCode player can't. You can play an mp4 file using revBrowser. Try this:

   put revBrowserOpen(the windowId of this stack, "http://xfiles.funnygarbage.com/~colinholgate/rev/longaudio.mp4")

That will instantly play a file on our server, and the file is over 51 minutes long. It might be possible to load html, and in that have a Javascript routine that sets the movie's current time. Seems like an extreme workaround, and it wouldn't make tracking the progress of the playback too easy, though you could have another Javascript that checked the movie's current time.

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