insertion point glitch

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon May 21 14:17:17 EDT 2012

On 21.05.2012 at 9:52 Uhr -0700 Timothy Miller apparently wrote:
>On May 21, 2012, at 9:04 AM, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>  > As far as I can see, based on a few years of observation, it has 
>to do with mis-clicking somehow.
>I see it sometimes when a script places the insertion point in an 
>empty field. As far as I know, that could not produce a mis-click.
>If tab on return is set to true and the field is empty, it's hard to 
>understand how a mis-click could cause the issue. Also keep in mind 
>the insertion point is blinking and the focus border is lit up.

I never saw it with tabbing, whether fields are empty or not, at 
least not that I can recall, but may be there is something else at 
play for you which leads to trigger this issue.

Quality control issues that Richard gave links to seem to indicate 
that there is a number of circumstances that can trigger field 
misbehavior. It can be interesting to have a stack that tells which 
object is selected and which is focused at all times. May be that 
gives a clue over time.


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