insertion point glitch

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon May 21 08:58:08 EDT 2012

On 20.05.2012 at 21:28 Uhr -0700 Timothy Miller apparently wrote:
>Hi, I do a fair amount of tedious data entry with my liveCode stacks.
>Now and then, a field's focus border is hilited, the cursor 
>insertion point is blinking in the field, but the field is 
>unresponsive to keyboard input. Clicking again in the field does not 
>make a difference. The only way to make the field responsive is to 
>click in another field, then click again on the field I want to type 

I keep seeing exactly that as well. I believe this is a glitch 
somewhere in the engine. I have seen it as far as version 2.6 and 
while working in MetaCard. It usually happens for me when selecting 
the field content with the mouse and accidently misclicking 
somewhere, I believe by the edge of the field. I never figured out 
the exact trigger, but since clicking elsewhere resets it, I learned 
to live with it and just watch to make clean clicks.


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