[OT] My iCloud account has been hacked.

Jerry Jensen jhj at jhj.com
Fri May 18 17:43:37 EDT 2012

I've seen a lot of similar troubles lately. Most are from aol, yahoo, hotmail, msn, etc. free accounts that seem like their passwords have been guessed.Changing passwords has always stopped the trouble. Maybe those providers are favorite hunting grounds because there are so many abandoned or forgotten accounts. 

But not iCloud! Eek!

Could it be that all this is a result of WiFi password sniffing? Andre, I would think your password was not easy to guess.


On May 18, 2012, at 2:24 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Folks,
> As some here may know, long time ago I went by the online alias of Soapdog
> and my email was soapdog at mac.com. I created that email when iTools and
> MacOS 9 were new things and went thru dotMac, mobileMe and now iCloud. Some
> hours ago, I received a call from my father saying that my account was
> spamming him. I decided to check and indeed, my account had a spam email in
> the outbox for every contact in the iCloud contact list. This was not
> spoofing, someone actually sent email thru my account. Keep in mind that I
> am paranoid. The iCloud is only accessed by my iDevices and my Mac box. I
> don't use mail.app. I checked the headers in the message and it appears
> that the message was sent using the mobileMe webmail client from Japan.
> I went to the online apple forums and saw that I am not alone in my
> problem. There are other users facing the same thing so I suspect that some
> amount of iCloud accounts have been hacked at the source. My machine is
> free of virus and trojans and no one has my credentials. I already changed
> my password.
> So, I apologize for the emails that some of you guys received from my old
> account. For those using iCloud, I tell you to check your account, you may
> have been hacked too.
> Sorry
> andre
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