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Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed May 16 02:50:21 EDT 2012

On 05/15/2012 10:25 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:
> On May 14, 2012, at 9:31 PM, Richmond wrote:
>>>> Or, put it another way; have you got such a resource-hungry operating system that it leaves you with hardly any RAM for
>>>> anything else?
>>> You know how it goes. Plants vs. Zombies running in another window,

Never played a computer game in my life.

>>>   Firefox with fifteen open tabs, a document open in Pages.
>> Ah; you're running a Mac.
> Syntax error: Improper use of semicolon.

Got me there!  Obviously you are from somewhere in North America. During 
my time in Illinois I did notice that
North Americans were far more rigid about grammar and syntax rules than 
people from Britain; somebody made
a snide remark about the insecurity of the young!

As a Scot Ahd nae fash masel ower much wi that sudron lied if it wunnae 
fae that domination qhilk means Ahve nae muckle chance
o gettin fowk tae ken ma vocables i ma ain leid.

> --In this context, "Ah" is an interjection and should stand alone as a sentence. "Ah! You're running a Mac."
> I have a feeling I'm getting teased, but I'm not enough of a wirehead to get the joke. Grammarheads wear bow ties rather than propellers in their beanies.
> Maybe it's about the paucity of my physical RAM. In any case, I hope it's amusing to those in the know. I am capable of generating jolly sarcastic rejoinders, but need a hint to proceed.

No, I'm not being all that sarcastic. As an erstwhile Mac fan, and 
currently a Linux fumbler, I cannot quite get over how resource-hungry
Macs are (and, while I'm here, machines running Windows Vista, 7 and 8).

I use a PPC macMini that sports 256 MB RAM ( and Mac OS 10.4) for my 
main Livecode programming efforts; it seems to have few problems
running Livecode, LibreOffice, GIMP and an FTP upload thing all at the 
same time. That seems really rather good in terms of resource

Macs served me extremely well for some 20 years; and it was not until I 
had been using them for some 12 years that I
began to look elsewhere - mainly because, at that time, my ISP here in 
Bulgaria was blocking port numbers to try to
force everybody to use Windows [a student from the Technical University 
told me that the ISP was then installing
back-door stuff on its clients' machines and doing naughty things: 
whether that was true or not, I don't know, but it did
make me feel a bit creepy.]

I suspect (and this is a random, largely uninformed speculation) that 
there are 2 things making Macintosh computers as they
are now (i.e. NOT PPC machines):

1. They are not using the Reduced Instruction Set Chip.

2. Post Leopard the eye-candy for the GUI has got horribly hungry.

I WAS very keen indeed on Macs until 3 things happened:

1. Debian derivative Linuxes started being very easy to install and run 
on "any old piece of hardware".

2. I realised the almost unlimited amount of choice, customisability and 
so forth available for FREE with Linux.

3. My financial situation changed (read 2 hulking teenage boys at a 
private school and a university) so I could not
     really afford a new Mac.

Having pointed out #3, I don't think, were I to have the money, I would 
buy a Macintosh again because I think I
would get cheesed-off with the rigidity of everything; we could call it 
"what the ghost of Steve thinks is good for the end-user".
And Windows is not on my horizon at all, although I do own an XP install 
disk so I can run XP in VirtualBox for checking my

IFF, ha, ha, I start making money out of my DEVAWRITER PRO


I might buy a new macMini, but only to continue development for Mac, as 
Livecode is not what it could be (i.e. not entirely up to spec)
on Linux compared with Windows and Mac.

Currently I am running a DELL Optiplex 745 with 2 Gigs of RAM and 
Xubuntu with XFCE/LXDE as  GUIs and the thing runs like
a charm (and doesn't make horrible roaring noises like my previous 
machine), handling all sorts of applications all at once,
including an extremely outdated, mission-critical Windows program via 
WINE (Fontographer).  There is room to pop in 2 more
RAM modules (SDRAM3), so, technically, as a local shop sells 4 Gig 
modules, I could go bananas with 16 Gigs - why I would
bother I'm not quite sure.

> Tim

Do not start feeling "all insecure", Tim, as I am, queer as it may seem, 
more on your side than against it . . .  :)

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