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Mon May 14 17:30:19 EDT 2012

I had the same problem of the white window showing up when changing computers.  It had to do with the file path.  The User Manual discusses absolute versus relative paths (section 12.1.2).  When the absolute path is used (in your Quicktime player inspector), everything works fine on your own computer, but this path is inadequate for another computer; you need to change the path to the relative path in your original stack.  See if it works when you use the relative path, with the movie placed in the same folder as the stack.
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On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 8:11 AM, David C. <davidocoker at> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I have a very simple application in which one aspect of the app uses
> the QT player, always pointing to the same named MP3 file on my
> server.
> Yesterday, I went to visit a friend and gave him ?a copy of the app to
> try out and every aspect of the application worked as intended except
> for the QT player. Where the controls would normally be located, there
> was nothing but a white empty space instead. Just to be sure there
> wasn't a problem with his QuickTime installation, I had him download
> and install the latest copy, yet we got the sames results.
> I tried the same application on my laptop (positioned right beside his
> and NOT being the machine I developed the application on) and it works
> flawlessly.
> The app was built on a Win 7 machine running LC 4.51, my friend's
> laptop is a Win 7 machine and the laptop I used to run the test beside
> his is a Win Vista machine. This is the first time I've used the
> Player control so I'm stumped.
> Is there some sort of QT external required or do you have any ideas
> what might be happening?

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