Auto-opening folders

Ken Corey ken at
Sun May 13 03:10:13 EDT 2012

On 13/05/2012 07:45, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> If an app creates a folder with files in it, do you like it if the app
> takes you to the desktop and opens the folder? Or would you rather
> remain in the app and open the folder later yourself?

Hi Jacque,

I'd say there's not enough information in the question.

What's the workflow?  Where's the next step for the user?  Am I creating 
this folder to consume the files *right now*, or is it a side-effect of 
some process that will be on-going?

If right now, then I'd say open the folder.  If on-going, I'd say let 
the user open the folder when they are interested in it.

Can't sit on the fence prettier than that, I'd say...;^)


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