[OT] Mac Beach Ball Party (or welcome to hell, here's your mac)

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Fri May 11 15:00:29 EDT 2012

Dear list,

Could I get a recommendation from some of the Mac folks on this list about
a good 'Cleaner' application?

The last week or so, I've gained a rather persistent 'friend' - the dreaded
beach ball of death.  All the time. Type a few letters in a browser (Safari
or Chrome) and then a delay, then the ball for about 30 seconds.

My lovely Mac pro is in hell.   Yes I have a lot of apps, and yes I am
running Lion.
And that doesn't help either as it insists on loading every app and
document I had running the last time*.
I am probably facing a complete re-install at this point. I had other plans
this day. Dreams of Snow Leopard abound. I just wanted to use the Cloud to
sync calendars and address book stuff.

Anyway, I'd like to try a 'cleaner' first, but I don't know anyone that's
actually used one.
And it's , um, a kind of a serious app type that could ruin your life if it
screws up.

the one that's promoted the most is Mac Keeper.

I downloaded it, and executed first run, but did not tell it to do
anything. I got paranoid after I read some negative about it on the web,
and it took an hour to uninstall it, as it has no uninstaller that actualy

here's the complete list of others that I've downloaded but not executed:

Mac Keeper               - the best UI - looks like it could work - about
AppCleaner.app         - took an hour to do its survey and didn't warn me
if it was a paid app or not, so I quit
CleanMyMac.app       - not tested
OnyX.app                  - the only free one - ran it but didn't help
SpeedUpMac.app      -- not tested

Anyone have a recommendation?

thanks in advance,


**(What bright pup at Apple thought that was a cool idea?I'd like to
strangle that person. Yes I know there's a checkbox at shutdown, but I
don't ever want that feature, and I always forget. And if I have to
force-quit from a Kernel panic I get all the docs and apps reloaded that I
was running hours ago. Stupid stupid stupid.)*


Stephen Barncard
San Francisco Ca. USA

more about sqb  <http://www.google.com/profiles/sbarncar>

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