Standalone problem

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Fri May 11 13:43:44 EDT 2012

I have made a custom application to control a lighting system. I am using a hardware interface known as a "Service USB Plus", from Bonig and Kallenbach. Works fine in the IDE, sending data via USB to the interface, which does its thing.

The working stack references an external framework bundle.

I made a standalone so that I can easily move the app onto production Macintoshes. This is a splash screen type, with the working stack included in the stack files of the splash. The app works fine in the machine I deveoped on, LC itself not running. 

But when I loaded the app onto another Mac, although all screen functionality works perfectly, the control signals are not implemented. I can switch cables back to the developing Mac, running side by side, running the same app, and all is well.

I can always use the IDE on the production Macs, which works fine, but wonder why the standalone fails on these other machines. Is there something in the pathname to the external that breaks in the production machine, which has a different name and therefore different pathnames to all files? I would think that all such included resources would be transparent in that regard, for obvious reasons.

This may be too specialized a problem for anyone to know what is going on. The production machines are running OSX 10.7, though the developing machine is running OSX 10.6. All are MacBook Air.


Craig Newman

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