ANN: Tiny Loupe 1.0 (well, sorta)

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri May 11 01:08:25 EDT 2012

In some quick cleaning up of my website I considered throwing out a page with some very old free stacks, but then noticed that the download counts were irregular.  Maybe, people are actually downloading them.

So, I figured I'd check out each one and update it or throw it out.

I started with Tiny Loupe.  This is a Livecode plugin that simply creates a small square window that is a magnification of the region under the mouse pointer.  That's it.   It is much simpler than much of what I do. 

Find it here (about 2/3 of the way down):

I put this into my personal "My LiveCode" folder on some systems and it still works!  (Even with the .rev extension.)  I tried it with LiveCode 4.6 and 5.0.2 on some Windows and OS X systems.  (Even PowerPC.)

Perhaps being able to say it works on some modern LiveCode versions rates a version change, but since I didn't really change anything, I left the version number alone.  It is still 1.0.  And the subject above has the "well, sorta" caveat.  

As always, I welcome comments and, especially, the revelation of goofs.  Feel free to tinker with this and be inspired as you might.  If there are others out there, I'd love to know about them.  


PS:  In case it was not clear... This is FREE!

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