[OT] Mac App Store (was Gatekeeper)

Guglielmo Braguglia guglielmo at braguglia.ch
Thu May 10 05:25:00 EDT 2012

Hi Andy,
maybe you missed my previous eMail on this list ... :-)

Please, can you clarify how you *validate* the 'MAS receipt file' from a 
LiveCode application ?

Thanks in advance,



On 10.05.2012 11:03, Andrew Henshaw wrote:
> Yes,  a MAS reciept file is inserted into your apps package by the Mac App Store*so you can check it is there_and validate its contents_*.   It has a hardware signature so you can make sure your app is valid on that system and has not been copied to another system.  If everything checks out you can then treat the launch as a full registered copy and skip your trial screens.
> BTW,  another 'MAS' store feature is users can install the app on as many system as they like by logging into the store on other computers and re-downloading.  Each copy gets its own reciept for each computer which will validate,  so while you cant copy an app from one computer to another,  there is no real limit to how many computers a user can install on if they want.
> You might get away with the license agreement,  ive seen apps that show those first but when you submit an app you can also submit your own license agreement as a text file so it does look like the app store has its own system for that,  Ive just stuck with the standard Apple license so its not something ive done.
> Andy

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