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Bill Vlahos bvlahos at mac.com
Wed May 9 00:07:27 EDT 2012


Here are some links that were instrumental to me for code signing InfoWallet and one of them has a link to a $49 commercial application to help make is easier. I haven't looked at it (doing it the hard way myself) but if it is half as good as they describe it would be worth it.

Code signing in Windows is very tedious and time consuming to set up. Once you set it is it is very easy to actually sign programs.

There are many places to purchase a certificate. The best deal I found was via Tucows which gives you a discount at Comodo but there are lots of other places to purchase from.


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On May 8, 2012, at 11:36 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> While we're on the topic of signing, how do you do the equivalent for
> Windows apps to get rid of the "Unknown Publisher" message?
> Pete

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