Is LC a non-Unicode program?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Tue May 8 07:26:08 EDT 2012

Hello All,

For maybe a decade, the copyright symbol on the RunRev/LC splash
screen has actually appeared garbled. A minor annoyance that I learnt
to ignore. That is, until LC 5.5.0, when, there she was!, the
copyright symbol. Not for long, though. With 5.5.1-dp1 and dp2 (damn
that prefs bug!), it's not only back to the garbled (c) but all the
other splash-screen text looks oddly sized and style, albeit readable.

Having recently purchased Win7 Ultimate, I decided to play with the
"Region and Language" setting. Tried changing from Japanese to English
under "Formats" and "Location", but this is the setting that finally
did the trick:

Region and Language > Administrative > Language for non-Unicode
programs > Change system locale... > English (Canada)

So, what my subject line says. Is LC non-unicode?  Seems odd if it is.

Just curious, mostly.

Nicolas Cueto

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