ANN: Spreadlib - Excel Import Beta

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue May 8 03:42:53 EDT 2012

Howdy Folks,

As some of you have been expecting, here's a beta version of SpreadLib 
addon library, offering Excel xlsx spreadsheet import via htmlText (a 
whole worksheet into a field) or array access (lookup data per cell).

It demonstrates a substantial subset of the features that the 1.0 
library will have, especially data import and Excel-style number 
formatting, with several test documents and a "Try SpreadLib" stack that 
includes all or most of the available calls in its scripts for easy testing.

All the documentation is in the SpreadLib Documentation text file, so be 
sure to have a peek at it. Of course, as a beta the documentation and 
demo stack are still in development too. (In particular it doesn't have 
the auto install yet, but the demo stack card script has sample code for 
easy loading.) Unzip the download before running it.

Download: <>

In case the current feature set is needed immediately for any projects, 
I have enabled registration at a discounted price; just follow the link 
to the web store in the documentation file and you should be 
standalone-ready in a few minutes. (The library runs in the LiveCode IDE 
without registration; purchase for standalone and mobile builds or 
commercial/organizational use.)

SpreadLib is 100% LiveCode script for maximum cross-platform 
compatibility. It's been vetted on Windows & Mac for this release. I 
haven't put together a mobile test stack yet (I'm having rather a busy 
week and had to post this beta ASAP) but I will post a mobile testing 
update afterwards!

I hope this proves useful for your apps and client projects. Thanks to 
all of you who expressed your interest, and be sure to let me know what 
works and what future features you need most! I'm planning on Excel and 
Open Office import/export and perhaps a spreadsheet object for live 
editing in stacks. The documentation includes a partial list of current 
and planned features.

Also coming soon: WordLib 2.0 with all the new text field features, 
WordOut 1.0 for MS Word export, a more robust WordReport update, and a 
new rich-text editing field with snazzy toolbar to drop into your fields 
and let your users access all the new text formatting features. All the 
addons will be available for desktop and mobile use.

Many thanks to the folks at ResearchWare who helped to make SpreadLib 

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
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