iOS: Network reachability checking

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Sat Jun 30 18:40:42 EDT 2012


is anyone using the experimental "Network reachability checking" feature for ios?

For an ios app i need to do a network connection test, because
Apple´s HID rules demands to do a network connectivity test for applications which use network connections.

I added that to my scripts and tried some "error cases".

No 3G and no Wifi:
reachabilityinfo is empty 

3G, but no Wifi
reachabilityinfo contains transient, reachable, is cell

No 3G, but Wifi(my local gateway is connected to the internet)
reachabilityinfo contains only reachable - because my ios device connects over my gateway to the internet

So far all is okay. But if i now disconnect my gateway from internet, reachabilityinfo still does contain only "reachable". I tried here several times.

So if the ios device does have  a wifi connection to a LAN but without an internetconnection, then the reachabilityinfo returns wrong information.

It was my understanding, that in such a case reachability info should contain "reachable" and "connection required".

Or am i am wrong about this?

Btw.: Is it better to place "iphoneSetReachabilityTarget hostNameOrAddress" on the card/cards which do network communication or should this be placed into the openstack handler?
Any performance issues?



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